The Poet’s Domain

Web update: 02/27/2018

Volume 32 of The Poet’s Domain

Due to challenges during the transition process of the 32nd volume of The Poet’s Domain, the project will re-open for submissions from January 25th 2018 through May 1st 2018.

Please read carefully:

  • All submissions sent before August 2017 and all submissions sent to Pat Adler need to be re-sent following the new submission process.
  • Submissions sent during or after August 2017 to the do not need to be re-sent.

Volume 32 of The Poet’s Domain will be released in late 2018 and the series will resume its old timeline starting in 2019 with Volume 33.

The theme is the quote from “Anthem” by Leonard Cohen:

“There’s a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”


Submissions are open to poets who live in or have ties to Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, or North and South Carolina. Members of the Poetry Society of Virginia, NoVA Bards, and The Bards Initiative. as well as poets published in previous editions of The Poet’s Domain are invited to submit regardless of location.

Please use this checklist to ensure a smooth submission process:

o  There is no entry fee to submit!

o  To submit, send up to five poems fitting the above theme to

o  To expedite the review process, please send poems both in the body of the e-mail and as a SINGLE attachment.

o  Please include a short bio with your submission.

o  Please include the word submission in the subject line of your e-mail.

o  Please direct any questions you may have to Nick Hale at with the word question in the subject line of your e-mail.



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