Podcasts and Music

Concerto for piano and orchestra





Each podcast will introduce the writer, share one or two poems or short-story excerpts, followed by a short discussion.

The final audio podcast will be between five to eight minutes, delivered in a MP3 format for the author’s web site and the Live Wire Press web site. If you wish, you may send a digital picture of yourself to accompany your podcast, to aussie8hw@gmail.com.

Keri Douglas, a freelance reporter and founder of Nine Muses International will conduct the interview over the telephone. Fee schedule available upon request.

Be prepared to send a short bio; a copy of the selected poems or short story; and contact information to:
Keri Douglas, Nine Muses International
Promoting Just Causes
19 Logan Circle, NW
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: 202-518-9562
E-mail: keridouglas@mac.com

If you are interested either email Keri directly, or Pat Adler at arieseagle@gmail.com with Podcast in Subject line.


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